World Industrial Design Conference and the Industrial Design World Expo to take place in China

A press briefing, facilitated by UNIDO, took place on 29 March 2019 in Vienna promoting the World Industrial Design Conference and the Industrial Design World Expo to be held on 18 October 2019, in Yantai, Shandong Province, China. It was promoted jointly with the China Industrial Design Association (CIDA), the Yantai Municipal People's Government and representatives of design industries in Germany, Austria, the Netherlands and Switzerland, amongst others.


UNIDO has been supporting the WIDC since 2016, including launching in April 2018 of the "Declaration on Design for Poverty Alleviation", convening of the 1st World Eco-Design Conference on "Ecology of Design, Field of Hope” held on 14 December 2018 in Conghua, Guangzhou Province of China and an eco-design Leading Talent Training Programme in December 2018.


The CIDA-UNIDO cooperation was marked by a Joint Declaration aiming to foster cooperation in industrial design and upgrading. UNIDO seeks to enhance cooperation with CIDA through global forum events such as WIDC and TA programmes to help developing countries and emerging economies to achieve higher quality of their produce, productivity, and diversification.


The World Industrial Design Conference is an international exchange, research and cooperation platform aiming to provide quality products and direction for industrial upgrading for enterprises, facilitate innovation transfer on a global scale, create a sustainable ecology thereby ensuring mankind's well-being. More than 2,000 representatives from over 30 countries are expected to participate in WIDC 2019.


For more information: Mr. Farrukhbek Alimdjanov (F.Alimdjanov [at] unido.org)  

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