Workshops aim to boost the tourism industry in Kyrgyzstan

ISSYK-KUL REGION, Kyrgyzstan, 18 February 2019 – Experts from the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) have held a series of workshops in Kyrgyzstan’s region of Issyk-Kul to enhance the competitiveness of the tourism and productive industries. Through the three types of workshops conducted as part of a project funded by the Russian Federation, the participants were introduced to environmentally sustainable practices in hotels, as well as promotional tools to foster public awareness and increase their revenues.

The first workshop explored eco-management practices in hotels, and the requirements that need to be met for tourist accommodation to be certified with the European Union (EU) eco-label.

The second workshop dealt with the issue of product shaping for the tourism destination. In his opening remarks, Damir Monoldorov, First Deputy Plenipotentiary Representative of the Government in the Issyk-Kul Region, noted the importance of the event for the region and the market players.

During the third workshop on tourism marketing, the participants discussed promotional strategies to encourage tourism in the region. Various tools and channels to effectively communicate information were presented, including traditional low-cost tools, such as social media, and engagement with local and regional media outlets.

In total, 179 participants attended UNIDO workshops, including 18 government officials, 61 representatives of hotels, hostels, and guest houses located along the Issyk-Kul Lake, 30 regional tour operators, 49 students and 21 teachers. Furthermore, two hotels were evaluated during the eco-labelling workshop and received recommendations for seeking an eco-label certificate.

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For more information: Ms. Olga Memedovic (O.Memedovic [at] unido.org

Workshops aim to boost the tourism industry in Kyrgyzstan