UNIDO’s TII Knowledge Hub – Preparing for the Future

The TII Knowledge Hub provides the latest news and features upcoming events on everything trade, investment and innovation related. Through a range of interactive web tools, it acts as a key platform for knowledge transfer and training.

On the occasion of UNIDO’s 18th General Conference, “Industry 2030-Innovate. Connect. Transform our Future”, two brand new online training courses will be launched on the Knowledge Hub: Industry 4.0, and International Business Alliances. These courses are highly topical. The Industry 4.0 curriculum discusses the Fourth Industrial Revolution, looking into digital transformation and the future, and the implications of new technologies on developing countries and least developed countries (LDCs).  International Business Alliances discusses the need for governments and enterprises in developing countries to expand their international partnerships with multinational enterprises (MNEs), in order to move into higher, sustainable global value chains, to become more competitive in light of globalization and rapid technological change. These trainings also highlight how developing country stakeholders and actors can leverage the opportunities of the future and technological innovation to meet the sustainable development goals (SDGs).

The Knowledge Hub’s training academy offers a diverse selection of courses, accessible to a wide range of audiences from policymakers, small and medium-sized enterprises, institutions and individuals. The Knowledge Hub currently has four training courses: Quality Infrastructure and Trade, Quality Policy, E-Commerce and Impact Investment. The training course on Impact Investment is also available in French and Chinese.


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For more information: TII (tii [at] unido.org)

UNIDO’s TII Knowledge Hub – Preparing for the Future