UNIDO supports e-commerce in Brazil

SAO PAULO, 17 July 2019 – UNIDO, via its Brazil’s office and represented by Mr. Alessandro Amadio, participated in the 10th Brazil E-Commerce Forum held in Sao-Paolo from 16 to 18 July 2019. This three-day event is the most important Latin American e-commerce conference, which gathers regional and global e-commerce stakeholders to discuss how digital trade expands their access to consumer markets and industrial production sales.

During the conference, UNIDO highlighted its capacity to support e-commerce development through activities ranging from the development of capacity building tools, to the establishment of partnerships between stakeholders. In addition, UNIDO highlighted the successful outputs of its pilot BRICS e-commerce project, which included the development of an online e-commerce training course; publication of a BRICS+ E-commerce report; and the development of a good governance framework for digital businesses. The organization stressed that it will be scaling up its e-commerce interventions through its flagship Programme for Country Partnership in Morocco and Cambodia. 

Participants have expressed their interest to work with UNIDO in initiating a new capacity building exercise in Portuguese as well as assisting Brazilian businesses to enhance their presence online. To address these requests, UNIDO will be exploring new technical co-operation initiatives and partnerships to support e-commerce development in the region. 


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UNIDO supports e-commerce in Brazil