UNIDO launches online training on Quality Policy Development

The UNIDO training on Quality Policy – Good Governance in Quality Infrastructure Development is now available online under the Trade, Investment and Innovation Knowledge Hub.

Based on UNIDO’s experience in the development of 26 national and three regional policies, and in assisting developing countries and countries in transition to create an inclusive and sustainable quality policy, UNIDO, in collaboration with its technical partners of the International Network on Quality Infrastructure (INetQI), has developed a methodology for quality policy development. This methodology aims at supporting quality infrastructure practitioners and policy makers to design and develop robust, holistic, and demand-driven quality infrastructure systems.

As the globalization of the markets continues its relentless pace and as it is shaped by technological developments, many countries have identified the need to re-engineer their quality infrastructure system not only to effectively connect with international trading regimes, but also to address economic, environment and social challenges. One of the basic cornerstones for ensuring good governance of the quality infrastructure is the quality policy. Quality policies are a means to reform, consolidate, refine, and maintain an effective and efficient quality infrastructure. Quality policy is often rightly seen as part of a wider development strategy.


To take the training please register to the TII Training academy

More information on the training can be found here.

Quality Policy Development