UNIDO joins ISO Technical Committee on Innovation Management

STOCKHOLM, 17 May 2019—As a new liaison member, UNIDO participated in the plenary meeting held by ISO/TC 279, the Technical Committee of ISO on Innovation Management.

UNIDO, especially the Department of Trade, Innovation and Investment is committed to deploying innovation to foster entrepreneurship and enhance productivity, which is in line with ISO/TC 279’s mandate.

The Representative of UNIDO, Mr. Raymond Tavares, Industrial Development Officer, Department of Trade, Innovation and Investment, introduced the Organization and how it intends to contribute to the work of the Technical Committee 279: by proposing the joint publication of a handbook aiming to provide a step by step overview & explanation of the newly developed standard on innovation management (ISO 56000 series).

A resolution welcoming positively UNIDO proposal for the development of a joint handbook was unanimously approved.

This ISO Standard was developed to provide a path forward for managing innovation in all kind of organizations, with a strong focus on SME’s, with the purpose of providing additional help to those who are trying to manage innovation in their organizations.


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For more information: Mr. Raymond Tavares (R.Tavares [at] unido.org)