Stakeholders and Regulatory Agencies Develop Nigerian Consumer Charter

Stakeholders held the first multi-agency meeting on the development of a Nigerian consumer charter on 13 February 2018 in Abuja. Following consultations with the Consumer Protection Council (CPC), it was agreed that the development of consumer charter for Nigeria would further strengthen CPC, consumer associations and regulatory bodies.

The Consumer Charter will set out best business practice in areas of interest to consumers such as ethical standards, competition, product standards, marketing, labelling, and disclosure of information and consumer redress. It will draw on the experience of consumer organisations and will be modelled on existing international codes of practice.

The meeting was held within the context of the EU-funded National Quality Infrastructure Project in Nigeria (NQIP), which is being implemented by United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), and is supporting the development of missing standards and building the capacity of public and private sector institutions.

For more information see the online article or contact:  Mr. Raymond Tavares (R.Tavares [at] unido.org)

Stakeholders and Regulatory Agencies Develop Nigerian Consumer Charter