Referential guide for argan oil producers in Morocco to comply with hygienic and safety standards

In the framework of the Project for Market Access for Agri-food and Traditional Food products (PAMPAT, http://www.pampat.ma), funded by the State secretariat of Economic Affairs (SECO) and implemented in Morocco by UNIDO in close cooperation with the Agricultural Development Agency (ADA), UNIDO supported the organization of the argan oil value chain, improving productivity, quality compliance and promoting product development of small-scale rural producers, as well as supporting  their access to domestic and export markets.

Among the project activities, and in order to better position producers in the market and allow them to obtain a premium price and higher revenues, UNIDO has put a special focus in ensuring that the argan oil products comply with the requirements of recently introduced geographical indication (Argan PGI) and with the hygienic and safety standards law (ONSSA, 28/07).

Through participatory meetings with producers of different sizes, grouped in the Interprofessional body for argan oil production (FIFARGANE) and with the National Office for Safety and Hygienic Standards (ONSSA), the UNIDO project team supported the preparation of a referential guide for argan oil producers. The manual will become the reference for all producers within the value chain and will support FIFARGANE in disseminating the law requirements among all producers.

The guide is published in two languages (Arabic and French) and a simplified version with drawings is under development for small scale producers and women cooperatives involved in the value chain.


For more information, please contact: F.Russo [at] unido.org


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