Nature-like and Convergent Technologies as drivers for the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Nature-like and Convergent Technologies  as drivers for the Fourth Industrial Revolution

The twenty-first century has presented mankind with a number of major challenges that threaten the sustainable development of civilization. In order to overcome these challenges, new approaches to development must be found. What do we call major challenges? These are the problems and opportunities to which we cannot respond to within the existing order of things. The problems, tasks, opportunities are so significant that they require another scientific and technological approach.

The new UNIDO publication titled "Nature-like and Convergent Technologies: Driving the Fourth Industrial Revolution" highlights that nature is an inspiration of driving change leading to transformative achievements in the generation, storage and distribution of energy. The term "convergent technologies" refers to the integration of nano-, bio-, information, cognitive and social technologies (NBICS) in the process of creation of results that are not achievable when using them separately. UNIDO highlights the importance of collective actions in promoting nature-like and convergent technologies, as they are essential for collaborative engagement with nature in the new era of the 4th industrial revolution.

The enormous growth potential of the 4IR must be balanced against associated challenges, such as a potential widening of the technology gap between high income and developing countries. In this light, UNIDO continues to exercise its role on advancing these technologies, their application in industry and cooperation in relevant risk assessment, management and communication mechanisms in order to achieve ISID for all.

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