Light Industry Service and Training Center in Yerevan

As part of the UNIDO Project “Improving Competitiveness of Export-Oriented Industries in Armenia through Modernization and Market Access” a new Light Industry Service and Training Center was established in Yerevan which marks an important milestone in the project's transition from Phase II to Phase III. Created based on public-private sector cooperation model adopted by the Ministry of Economy of Armenia, it will provide high-quality technical support services for SMEs and hands-on professional training opportunities for light industry specialists of all qualification levels.

The pre-launching event was attended by the Project Donor and the Project counterpart representatives from the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Armenia, officials from the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Armenia as well as other stakeholders.

By providing access to a broader pool of expertise in industrial design, product development, business improvement and marketing, the training center will become an important platform to enhance light industry's human resource potential in such fields as pattern making, industrial engineering, fashion illustration, virtual prototyping, etc. The center is expected to play a major role in increasing competitiveness of Armenian enterprises’ thereby improving their position in both domestic and foreign markets while ensuring the sustainable development of one of the country’s fastest-growing sectors.

Since 2014, the UNIDO Project in Armenia has seen a series of enabling activities that allowed to enhance technical capacities in innovative fashion design facilitating networking within the regional value chains and ensuring effective export promotion of Armenian garment and textile products.


For more information: Mr. Farrukh Alimdjanov (F.Alimdjanov [at]

Light Industry Service and Training Center in Yerevan