Boosting science and technology parks in Peru

UNIDO participated in the International Symposium “Technological Scientific Parks as an Instrument of Innovation and Regional Competitiveness “ organized by the National Council of Science, Technology and Technological innovation (CONCYTEC), and held in Lima, Peru, from 27 to 30 October. During the event, the UNIDO team outlined key factors for the establishment of Science and Technology Parks (STP), shared the experiences of parks in other countries and stressed the STPs important contributions to regional development. The two days’ event registered about 200 participants, including university rectors, policymakers, businessmen and chambers of commerce, investors, mayors, scientific researchers, students, incubators and accelerators.

The government of Peru has decided to implement a national programme to boost the development of STPs to contribute to sustainable economic development. The program currently compiles 11 initiatives for creation of STPs all over the country. It is expected that the programme contribute to strengthen innovation ecosystems in several regions and the linkages with markets in accordance with their sectoral competitive advantages.

CONCYTEC and UNIDO agreed interest on expanding potential cooperation under the PCP Peru for:

  • Accompanying CONCYTEC on the design of the implementation process steps for the establishment of STPs in the country;
  • Preparation of pre-design studies for the establishment of three sectoral innovation and learning/ training centres for industry 4.0 technologies transfer/adoption, in the mining, agro-industry and forestry sectors;
  • Promoting partnerships with high-tech institutions, MNC and UNIDO ITPO´s network, for encouraging technology transfer, new skills education/training, and investment.


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Boosting science and technology parks in Peru