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Babatunde Omilola

Team Leader, Development Planning and Inclusive Growth

Sustainable Development Cluster

E-mail: babatunde.omilolal [at] undp.org


babatunde.omilolal [at] undp.org

UNDP sees the private sector as a transformative partner in the eradication of poverty and inequality, and in the sustainable management of natural resources leading to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Properly harnessed, international trade –mostly undertaken by private enterprises –creates livelihood and job opportunities and higher incomes for the poor; provides access to know-how and technology and enhance competitiveness. Policy and regulatory bottlenecks, lack of vital infrastructure and finance, and weak productive capacity and technology deprive the poor of the opportunity offered by domestic markets and international trade.

Selected TCB programmes and initiatives in this guide

Trade and Sustainable Development
Mainstreaming trade
Extractive Industries for Sustainable Development
Productive capacity, inclusive business and value chains
Arab connectivity and trade facilitation

UNDP maintains a variety of partnerships on trade-related issues at multilateral, regional and country levels. These include:

  • Chief Executives Board (CEB) Interagency Cluster on Trade and Productive Capacity; and
  • The Enhanced Integrated Framework for Trade-related Assistance for Least Developed Countries.