International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)

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International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)
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A specialized agency of the United Nations, ICAO was created in 1944 to promote the safe and orderly development of international civil aviation throughout the world. It sets standards and regulations necessary for aviation safety, security, efficiency, and regularity, as well as for aviation environmental protection. The Organization serves as the forum for cooperation in all fields of civil aviation among its 191 Member States. The ICAO or International Civil Aviation Organization is the global forum for civil aviation. ICAO works to achieve its vision of the safe, secure and sustainable development of civil aviation through the cooperation of its Member States.

To implement this vision, the Organization has established the following strategic objectives for the period 2017-2019:

  1. Safety: Enhance global civil aviation safety;

  2. Air Navigation Capacity and efficiency: increase capacity and improve efficiency of the global civil aviation system;

  3. Security and Facilitation: enhance global civil aviation security and facilitation;

  4. Economic Development for Air Transport: Foster the development of a sound and economically viable civil aviation system; and

  5. Environmental Protection: Minimize the adverse environmental effects of civil aviation activities.

Strategic Objective d), which is executed by the Air Transport Bureau includes the following programmes:

  • Air Transport Policy and Regulation;

  • Economics of Airports and Air Navigation;

  • Aviation Data, Forecasting and Economic Analysis;

  • Joint Financing Matters;

  • Economic analysis; and

  • Forecasting Activities.

Environmental matters are handled by the offices of the Air Transport Bureau under the Strategic Objective d), Environmental Protection.


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