Trade-related financial services - Netherlands

Trade-related financial services - Netherlands

Information dated: 2017

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Micro & Small Enterprise Fund (MASSIF)

MASSIF is funded by the Dutch Ministry for Foreign Affairs and managed by FMO on behalf of the Dutch Government. It contributes to the development of financial services for small businesses and micro-entrepreneurs (SMEs) by increasing the financial resources available to these financial intermediaries. It helps to build and strengthen local financial institutions in developing countries to allow them to diversify and expand the reach of their services and products, which can range over credit, guarantees, mortgages, leasing and insurance, etc. Through MAS- SIF, the FMO assists in strengthening the micro and small business sector. FMO offers the local financial intermediaries long-term debt and equity in local currency and assumes the currency risk. This makes it possible for the financial intermediaries to provide the SMEs with local currency products, in this way reducing their business risks.