Trade promotion capacity building - Korea (Republic of)

Trade promotion capacity building - Korea (Republic of)

Information dated: 2017
Modernization of Customs Administration – 12 countries (Belarus, Ukraine, Tajikistan, Serbia, Tanzania, DR Congo, Moldova, Costa Rica, Laos, Sudan, Honduras, and the Republic of South Africa, as of 2016)

The multi-country program is one of the technical cooperation by Korea, providing developing countries with Korea’s know-how of modernizing administrative system in customs. The objective of the program is to let participants understand how to improve customs administration in line with the development of the national economy: to learn about customs procedure in Korea and to acquire practical knowledge and information through lectures and field tours; to exchange ideas and experiences on customs administration between participants and Korea Customs staff.  The program is implemented by Customs Border Control Training Institute (CBCTI) in Korea.

Investment and Trade Promotion – Mozambique

Korea invited 18 government officials from Mozambique to develop their techniques and skills required for national trade and investment promotion. KOICA implemented this US$ 70,000 program in partnership with KOTRA, Korea’s national agency for trade and investment promotion. The program mainly consisted of lectures and study visits sharing Korea’s development experiences in trade and investment sector, including policies to attract foreign direct investment (FDI) and development strategies for the country’s key industries.

Trade Capacity Promotion – Bangladesh

Inviting 15 government officials from Bangladesh, Korea carried out a US$ 85,000 training program to enhance the participants’ capacity for establishing national trade policies, thereby contributing to economic development of Bangladesh. Having Kangwon National University as the training institute, the program provided the participants with lectures and study visits introducing Korea’s trade sector development as well as the global trend in trade and investment area.

Educational Platform for International Trade Capacity Building in Morocco – Morocco

Intending to build the capacity of Morocco in the field of international trade, Korea designed a consulting and capacity development project worth USD$ 2.95 million. Mainly revolving around training activities, the five-year project consists of three components: (i) opening training courses to develop qualified human resources, (ii) introducing international commerce certificate system; and (iii) developing standard lecture materials. To carry out these activities, Korea sent Korean specialists to cooperate with relevant ministries and universities in Morocco and offered six rounds of invitation training programs to allow Moroccan officials to learn about Korea’s experience and build networks with Korean businesses.