Trade promotion capacity building - EBRD

Trade promotion capacity building - EBRD

Information dated: 2017

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SME support under the EBRD’s Small Business Initiative

In addition to finance, SMEs need access to know-how to improve or expand their export-import activities or launch in new markets. We help businesses work with local consultants and international advisers from the same industry to get the right advice to develop their commercial know-how. Whether it is assessing how ready the business or the products are to export, identifying the best foreign markets to target or develop the right export strategy, or event improving the efficiency and quality of operations, we can help ensure products that are competitive internationally.

Furthermore, the EBRD is also heavily involved in the other part of the equation, helping to raise and improve local consultancy expertise. Trainings and workshops for in-country consultants help to develop in-depth knowledge of existing advisory services, as well as to bring new consultancy types to areas, where they used to be non-existent. A series of export strategy development trainings (consisting of 2 levels) is a perfect example of this approach.