Trade promotion capacity building - Belgium

Trade promotion capacity building - Belgium

Information dated: 2017
Ex Change programme for improving entrepreneurship

Ex Change Expertise asbl and Ex-Change vzw are two nonprofit organizations co-financed by DGD. Their mission is to support sustainable and inclusive economic growth to reduce poverty and create more welfare and wellbeing in the South.

Ex Change entirely focuses on the private sector in developing countries by offering this private sector (and the organizations linked to it) the possibility to benefit from a wide range of voluntary high-level experts. These entrepreneurial experts visit the beneficiary enterprises almost for free, and provide them with organizational diagnosis and/or with advice regarding management or quality production. This, in turn, helps local companies grow, boosts the (local) economy and creates news chances for job-seekers.

This programme develops links between local entrepreneurs and global networks from the North. Direct exchange of knowledge and experience is implemented with an emphasis on respect for people, profit, and planet.

Ex Change is mainly active in Africa and provides services in a wide range of economic sectors: agro-food manufacturing services, healthcare, hotels & restaurants, etc.