Trade Policy Development - Argentina

Trade Policy Development - Argentina

Information dated: 2017
Strengthening Social Economy Tools in Ecuador – Argentina / Ecuador

Through the exchange of experts between the Argentinian Ministry of Social Development and the Ecuadorian National Institution of Popular Economy and Solidarity, the project aims at deepening and strengthening the cooperation in social economies, in particular with regard to collective brands, social marketing and taxation tools.

Credit Management Programme in Ecuador – Argentina / Ecuador

The Argentine Ministry of Social Development provides support to the Ecuadorian National Institute of Social Economy and Solidarity. The Credit Management Programme is designed to provide microcredits to citizens and small enterprises in agriculture, tourism, industrial and productive sectors, to promote social and economic inclusion in Ecuador.

Consolidation of Apiculture as a Tool for Economic Development in Costa Rica – Argentina / Costa Rica

Support is provided by the Argentine National Agricultural Technology Institute (INTA) and the National Service for Animal´s Health (SENASA) to Costa Rica´s Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock. The project is oriented to value chain development in apiculture through the establishment of associative models focused on equality, quality management and adequate linkages with the markets and framed in a long-term national strategy.