Trade Facilitation - Spain

Trade Facilitation - Spain

Information dated: 2017
Internship for Latin-American harbour professionals – Latin America

Spanish Port System Authority offers a diverse field of internship opportunities for Latin American harbour professionals. The internship programme is designed to provide qualified training and hands-on experience in port management by working in Spanish ports and public institutions related to Spanish Port System.

Eligible members of the Foro, within the Latin American geographical area, are as follows:


  • Governmental organisations with jurisdiction over maritime and/or port matters.
  • Port Authorities and/or entities responsible for port management and operation, irrespective of whether they are from the public or private sectors.
  • Any legal entity or individual from the public or private sector with powers over or engaged in activity in the fields of port planning, engineering, construction, management, financing, and operation.


For more information: http://www.puertos.es/en