Trade Facilitation - France

Trade Facilitation - France

Information dated: 2017
Capacity building for international trade stakeholders – Djibouti (2M € granted in 2015)

The objective of the project is to promote social and economic development through the capacity building of the private sector of Djibouti and to structure the implementation of a regional hub for trade and logistics, through two dimensions:

  • To provide capacity building of the Chamber of Commerce of Djibouti (CCD) to support the competitiveness of local firms better; and
  • To improve the role of Djibouti within the regional logistic supply chains.

The project has three components: (i) capacity building of the Chamber of Commerce and improvement of the business environment; (ii) support to the harbor community; and (iii) coordination and diagnosis.

More precisely, the objective will be to improve services for economic information, training, and support to business management, to support a better informed and intense private-public dialogue, thanks to the diagnosis lead through component 3. The implementation of the project is carried out by the Chamber of Commerce. An international technical assistance supports the CCD in the implementation of the different activities and the coordination of the different experts Consular compagnonnage with a French chamber of commerce is set up, as well as the partnership with French firms from the trade and international transport sector.