Supply capacity - UNEP

Supply capacity - UNEP

Information dated: 2017

Anja von Moltke

Head, Environment and Trade Hub

Economics and Trade Branch

Economy Division

E-mail: anja.moltke [at] unep.org ()

Assessing Trade Opportunities in the Transition to an Inclusive Green Economy

On a demand-driven basis, the Environment and Trade Hub provides concrete policy advice and roadmaps associated with the transition to a green economy at the national and sector-specific level. The Green Economy and Trade Opportunities Project (GE-TOP) is an example of this work, which aimed to provide national-level policy analysis and advisory services to identify trade-related opportunities. As part of this project, UN Environment conducted a study in South Africa on organic agriculture. The study showed that international demand for organic products exceeds supply and that South African producers are well-positioned to expand their production and harness organic export opportunities. The GE-TOP Ghana project focused on identifying opportunities for solar energy exports from Ghana to neighboring countries, to support regional clean energy integration. In line with the Government of Ghana’s aim to become a major exporter of electricity, the study intended to reshape thinking on power trade in West Africa, which has been largely based on fossil fuels and large hydropower plants.