Supply Capacity - UN-HABITAT

Supply Capacity - UN-HABITAT

Information dated: 2015

Ananda Weliwita,

Human Settlements Officer, Urban Economy and Finance Branch, Monitoring and Research Division, UN-HABITAT

Nairobi, Kenya

Tel. +254-20-762-3743

E-mail: Ananda.Weliwita [at] unhabitat.org

Lake Victoria Local Economic Development Initiative (LV-LED)

LV-LED is an inter-agency programme of action to enhance rural-urban development linkages in the Lake Victoria regions of Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. Its major developmental goals are (i) to promote balanced regional development through enhanced rural-urban linkages, notably the marketing of rural products in urban areas, (ii) to alleviate poverty through the promotion of employment and other income-generating activities, notably through joint pilot projects, (iii) to reduce the rate of rural-to-urban migration in selected communities in the region and (iv) to improve basic urban infrastructure, including in secondary towns, also as a means to contribute to the achievement of MDGs.