Supply Capacity - Spain

Supply Capacity - Spain

Information dated: 2017
Development of aquaculture activities in the Fonseca Gulf - Honduras

This project seeks to improve the quality of life of Golfo de Fonseca local fishermen through the promotion of environmentally friendly and sustainable fishing production initiatives. Project specific objectives include:

  • Increase local capacities and organization mechanisms of fishermen and related institutions to achieve greater participation, increasing production capacity and performance;
  • Contribute to the research, development and implementation of fishing production projects focused on native species of high commercial value (snapper, snook, sea bass) in order to develop aquaculture business as an alternative to the traditional fishing sector; and
  • Improve fishing boats to reduce fish damage due to the lack of cold chain processes.
The cooperative enterprise as a social economy actor towards social and economic development in the Mediterranean

The Project has been carried out in the framework of the Euro-Mediterranean Network of Social Economy (ESMED) aiming to enhance the status and role of cooperatives as a key player in the economic and social development of Europe and its southern Mediterranean neighbours. Project specific objectives include:

• Identification of major cooperative organizations and their economic impact in Spanish partner countries of the Mediterranean region (Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Mauritania, Syria, the Palestinian Territories, Tunisia and Turkey);

• Provision of better visibility to the cooperative movement in Mediterranean partner countries;

• Identification of priorities to support the development of cooperatives in Mediterranean partner countries and the Mediterranean region.

For more information: www.cepes.es

Other projects

Other projects in this category include:

• Strengthening installed capacities of seed and basic grains of UPANIC, small and middle producers - Nicaragua

• NEEM FOUNDATION, Multipurpose trees plantation for the improvement of food Security, Vegetable protection and health - Ethiopia

• CETMAR, Development of rural aquaculture as a strategy for the contribution on the fight against poverty and food security in the Namuno District - Mozambique

• Enlargement of water infrastructures for the improvement of food production - Ethipioa

• Contribution to the potential agriculture development and appreciation of usable land in the Saint Louis region - Senegal

• Resistance to plagues in beans and peas for Mediterranean unirrigated lands - Tunisia

• Implementation of capacities in the analysis of value and innovation chains in the food area - Tunisia and Spain

• Qualification and research on geographic information technology for the improvement of sustainability of the agricultural activities and the preservation of natural resources in subtropical areas -Argentina;

• Bio-recovery of agriculture soils in Tunisia polluted with pesticides using leguminous plants and micro-organisms of its rhizosphere

• Improving the teaching and research capacity regarding the comprehensive management of plagues in the citrus cultivations - Algeria

• Development strategies of the Tunisian oleic sector: organization, valuation and information and communication technologies (TICS) - Tunisia

• Research project for the improvement of goat cattle - northern Morocco;

• “Small scale” milk production as a way of fostering economic development in the Altiplano Central - Mexico