Supply Capacity - Australia

Supply Capacity - Australia

Information dated: 2017
Cambodia Agriculture Value Chain Program

The Cambodia Agriculture Value Chain Program (CAVAC) targets rice‑based farming in three provinces. It aims to increase farmer incomes and food production, and accelerate growth in the value of agricultural prod­ucts and markets by helping to address systemic failures along the agriculture value chain from supplier to farmer to consumer. A new phase of CAVAC will extend the benefits to new crops and more locations. It will include a focus on rice export—a priority for the Cambodian Government. It will maintain a focus on improving the lives of rural women.

Boosting income through better farming practices—Indonesia

Poverty rates in eastern Indonesia are among the highest in the country. Through its Agriculture, Forestry and Community Development Program, Australia has helped raise incomes and improve food security for farming families in six districts of Nusa Tenggara Timur Province. Integrated farming systems for maize and cattle production were introduced, 3,500 farmers were able to purchase 25 tons of improved maize seeds resulting in a net rise of yields by 150–200 per cent (this translates to additional incomes of $100 per farmer per hectare). There was increased weight gain in cattle from 100 grams to 300–350 grams per day, over a fattening cycle of 15–18 months, which raised cattle farmer’s income by 50 per cent to 100 per cent. Food security also improved with family food stocks increasing from 6–8 months to 10–12 months.