Supply Capacity - Argentina

Supply Capacity - Argentina

Information dated: 2017
Building capacities for increase soybean production by biotechniques and germplasm in Vietnam – Argentina / Vietnam

Increase soybean production in Vietnam by incorporating advanced farming techniques and producing improved varieties by using mutagenesis, the marker-assisted selection, and transformation and germplasm enrichment.

Cooperation on bovine and porcine cloning in Vietnam – Argentina / Vietnam

The project looks forward to training and transferring knowledge on bovine and porcine cloning Technology.

Cooperation on integrated pest management and application of GIS for pest management – Argentina / Vietnam.

The program aims to explore IPM technology and pest surveillance, biological control and application of GIS for pest management in Argentina for its application in Thailand.

Capacity building in pest and pesticide management to ensure food security and safety in Philippines – Argentina / Philippines

The project aims to enhance the capacity of experts, scientists and other stakeholders to ensure food security and food safety in the Philippines and Argentina, through developing best practices and technologies on vegetable production focused on crop protection and improvement of the quality of vegetables.

Improvement of livestock production in Cambodia – Argentina / Cambodia

The project aims to equip organizations and institutions in the cattle sector in Cambodia with qualified human resources trained in the implementation of basic process technologies for the improvement of production systems.

Enhance SPS capacity, Trans boundary disease prevention and promote safety trade in Cambodia – Argentina / Cambodia

Through the implementation of this project it is planned to conduct workshops on SPS measures and train Cambodian staff on inspection issues; to develop a database system for SPS network; and to understand the application of SPS measures in Argentina.

Stregthening capacity building for the FMD control in Cambodia – Argentina / Cambodia

Strengthening staff capacities of the National Veterinary Research Institution on disease diagnosis, disease surveillance, investigation, response and research.

Institutional reinforcement and capacity building for territorial planning in Timor Leste – Argentina / Timor Leste

The implementation of this program is directed to improve milk production, productivity and quality as well as agro-industrial processing in the central region of the country.

Technology for milk production and for the manufacturing dairy products – Argentina / Brasil

Knowledge and experience exchange in milk production and the manufacturing of dairy products to promote advanced technologies among small producers which can contribute to income increase.

Appropriate technologies for the production of sunflower, cassava and their derivatives of family farming – Argentina / Brasil

A Project between Argentina and Brasil to exchange knowledge and experiences to facilitate the access of small producers of sunflower and cassava into appropriate technologies. It is expected to result in production growth with a special consideration to the awareness of technical and environmental sustainability. Moreover, it promotes value-added products enabling rise household income.

Support to the leather sector – Argentina / Brazil

The cooperation agreement between Argentina and Brazil aims to strengthen the Leather Department through training the technicians, management and institutional regionalization.

Strengthen of Textile Department and Textile Industry - Argentina / Uruguay

The project aims to enhance capacities and provide technical assistance in the textile industry.

Capacity Building for prevention and gradually eradication of FMD – Argentina / Ecuador

The project aims to achieving Ecuador´s certification of FMD-free status through land planning, surveillance, epidemiology control and vaccination planning.

Development and strengthening of milk production in Ecuador – Argentina / Ecuador

The program intends to facilitate the development of milk production and to strengthen the links of existing agroindustrial chains.

Implementation of a primary food processing safety system – Argentina / Perú

Through the project the implementation of a primary food processing safety management system is strengthened.

Strengthening competencies of SENATI machine and tool trainers in Lima and the Southern Macroregion of Peru – Argentina/ Peru

The goal of the project is to strengthening the skills of instructors in the application of processing technology machineries and Tools.

Development of native plant varieties with ornamental potential – Argentina / Peru

The project aims at developing native plant varieties with ornamental potential from native genetic resources.

Implementation and adjustment of narrow-furrow technology in cotton cultivation – Argentina / Colombia

Increasing productivity levels of narrow cotton crop at the Nataima International Center is the primary objective.

Production and evaluation of silvopastoral systems and tropical fodder – Argentina / Colombia

The goal of this project is to strengthen research on pastures and silvopastoral systems and develop management alternatives through trials and evaluation methodologies.

Exchange of research and teaching experiences – Argentina / Mexico

This project looks forward to training professors, researchers, undergraduate and graduate students in bio-conservation strategies for the improvement of the quality of meat and meat products through the exchange of research techniques, research activities and teaching methodologies and with a focus on the application of lactic bacteria to improve the sanitary quality and safety of meat.

Strengthening cooperation on good manufacturing and livestock practices, biosafety and passive surveillance for Avian Influenza – Argentina / Mexico

Support is given to strengthen technical cooperation between the two countries on good management, manufacturing practices, traceability, biosafety and active and passive epidemiological surveillance for avian Influenza.

Strengthening the agrifood chains in Honduras - Argentina / Honduras

The program aims to strengthen the potato chain (production, marketing, and processing) to satisfy the national demand and to ensure the sustainability of the sector. It also attempts to validate potato varieties which are suitable for local agro-ecological conditions.

Validate varieties with resistance to pests and diseases – Argentina / Honduras

The program aims to validate crop management practices.

Characterization of metabolites of sugarcane inducing plant defense – Argentina / Cuba

It aims at typifying sugarcane secondary metabolites as inductors of acquired systemic resistance, which are generated during the process of production of sugarcane vitroplants by temporary immersion systems.