South-South and Triangular Cooperation - Argentina

South-South and Triangular Cooperation - Argentina

Information dated: 2017
Strengthening the apiculture sector in Haití – Argentina / Haití

The Project aims to strengthen the apiculture chain value in Haití through the creation of the Cooperativa Apícola de Ouanaminthe and the Red Apícola Haitiana. It reinforces the team in the designing, monitoring, and evaluation of Projects.

Cooperative transborder Technical Cooperation Program – Argentina / Paraguay

Cooperative mechanisms in the border regions are strengthened.

Support to the regional economies and local cheese produvers PYPES in Bolivia – Argentina / Bolivia

Support is being provided to micro and small cheese producers in border regions of Villazón, Yacuiba, and Bermejo by delivering a specialized technical assistance program for the cheese production through application of good manufacturing practices.

Self-production of fresh food – Pro Huerta Haití – Argentina / Haití

The aim of the project is to improve feeding practice, promote healthy diets in both urban and rural areas. Also, the program indents to promote techniques for self-production of fresh food and enhance the efficient use of available resources.

Pro Huerta – Honduras – Argentina / Honduras

It is expected to establish 5,000 orchards and take advantage of the availability of the factors of production.

Pro Huerta – Guatemala – Argentina / Guatemala

It contributes to the objectives of promoting healthy diets through nutrition and production education in urban and rural areas. It envisages the participation of 900 families and 12 schools, approximately 5,000 people over a period of 8 months.

Contaminant compounds in distilled beverages, regional development, safety and trade – Argentina / Cuba

The program supports determining the presence of contaminants and managing the levels to promote the Cuban rum business and tackle tariff barriers that would generate a high socio-economic Impact.

Technical Cooperation Agreement between the Argentine Republic and Japan – Argentina / Japan

Throughout the past decades, the Government of Japan, through JICA, has provided technical assistance to Argentina transferring necessary knowledge and technologies that have contributed to the social and economic development. This collaboration is set within the technical cooperation framework signed between the countries in Tokyo in October 1979.

In 1992 the Argentine Fund for South-South and Triangular Cooperation (FOAR) was established which provides technical assistance to other countries through the exchange of experts.

In the recent years, Argentina and Japan have continued the cooperation within the framework of the Partnership Program between Japan and Argentina (PPJA).

Energy efficiency in industry – Argentina / Japan

In partnership with JICA (Japanese Agency for International Cooperation), Argentinian experts of the National Institute of Industrial Technology (INTI) organized a training course that provided participants with theoretical and practical knowledge on rational use energy and energy efficiency in the industry. Moreover, tools will be developed to facilitate the implementation of programs to improve energy efficiency with a focus on small and medium Industrial Enterprises in the region.


More information on the Cooperation Agreement between Argentina and Japan can be found at: cursos‐arg‐japon [at] mrecic.gov.ar.

Promotion of aquaculture in Latin-American – Argentina / Japan

In recognition of the importance of achieving the sustainable use of resources by domestic producers in different regions of Latin America and promoting the development of fish production through strengthening technical capacities of human resources, a cooperation agreement between the Japanese and the Argentine Governments was signed.