Physical Trade Infrastructure - United Kingdom

Physical Trade Infrastructure - United Kingdom

Information dated: 2015
Mozambique Regional Gateway Programme

Mozambique Regional Gateway is a £12m programme to improve transport, energy and ICT (Information and Communication Technology) infrastructure grids operating under an improved/complementary regulatory environment to serve Mozambique, as well as countries in the wider region for which Mozambique is a transit route for international trade

Regional Infrastructure Programme for Africa (RIPA)

RIPA is a key component of the African Free Trade initiative (AFTi) , RIPA will bring down the physical barriers to trade by cutting the costs that poor transport infrastructure imposes on importers and exporters. RIPA will work closely with DFID (and other donor) programmes designed to bring down the regulatory and other barriers to African trade. Support is channelled through the Infrastructure Project Preparation Facility (IPPF), the EU Africa Infrastructure Trust Fund (ITF) and the Infrastructure Consortium for Africa (ICA). A number of DFID employees will also be seconded to work on regional infrastructure in the African Development Bank, World Bank and other international organisations.