Physical Trade Infrastructure - Mexico

Physical Trade Infrastructure - Mexico

Information dated: 2017
Infrastructure Fund for Mesoamerican and Caribbean Countries (Yucatan Fund)

Yucatan Fund is an infrastructure fund that provides financial resources for infrastructure projects that contribute to the connectivity of the region which facilitates economic growth, working hand in hand with financial intermediaries.

Since its creation in 2012, the Yucatan Fund has had a positive impact on trade capacity in Central America and the Caribbean, by financing 15 projects with $129.4 million dollars, which have potentiated projects worth 327.6 million dollars. The following projects are examples of those that have received funding from the Yucatan Fund and contribute to trade facilitation in Central America:

  • Belize was granted a grant for 518,778 dollars for the construction of a road to operationalize the new border port of Chac Temal between Mexico and Belize.
  • Costa Rica and Panama received each one a grant for 5 million dollars (10 million total) to construct a new bridge over the Sixaola River, in the border between the two countries. The total worth of the project was 17.5 million dollars.

  • El Salvador received a grant for 29.3 million dollars for the construction of a bridge over the Anguiatú River and a bridge over the Rio de la Paz, both in the border with Guatemala, as well as the modernization of two road sections of Carretera al Puerto de la Libertad. The total worth of the project was 127.9 million dollars.

  • Honduras received a grant for 24.4 million dollars for the construction of the road Villa San Antonio–Goascorán sections IA and IB. The total worth of the project was 86 million dollars.

  • Nicaragua received a grant of 19.1 million dollars for the rehabilitation and improvement of the road section Empalme Nejapa–Empalme Puerto Sandino.

These roads are part of the International Road Network of Mesoamerica (RICAM in Spanish).