Physical Trade Infrastructure - Korea (Republic of)

Physical Trade Infrastructure - Korea (Republic of)

Information dated: 2017
Transport Master Plan in Greater Accra Region – the Republic of Ghana

The project aims to set a clear direction for transport in the Greater Accra Region for the next 20 years, bringing together all modes of transport, across all regions into an integrated urban transport system. The Korean government provided US$ 1.5 million for the project from 2013 to 2016. The project consists of the following activities: (i) long-term master plan; (ii) short-term implementable projects; (iii) capacity building of official & Engineers; and (iv) Monitoring, Evaluation, and Reporting. To achieve the goals of the project, KOICA and the Government of Ghana cooperate closely under the mutual understanding of the both parties.

Feasibility Study for Upgrading National Road No.8 on the Asian Highway (AH15) Network in the Lao PDR − Laos

The Korean government supports ASEAN integration in three pillars: (i) physical connectivity; (ii) institutional and human resource connectivity; and (iii) sustainable development. To contribute to the acceleration of ASEAN integration and enhancing road connectivity, KOICA is implementing the detailed feasibility study for upgrading national road No.8 in Lao PDR which is a part of Asian Highway (AH15) network. With a total budget of US$ 3.5 million from 2016 to 2018, the project consists of: (i) feasibility study and basic plan for upgrading the national road No.8; (ii) capacity building program for Lao officials and engineers in operation and management of road infrastructure; and (iii) equipment provision.

Capacity development of Vietnamese expressway management and institutional system – Vietnam

Korea funds 1.5million dollar of a project to improve Vietnamese expressway management capacity and develop an institutional system through KOICA over 4years (2015-2018). The project consists of three parts: (i) consulting service to improve expressway management ability and to develop manual for operation and maintenance; (ii) fellowship program to improve management skills; (iii) tools for O&M.

Feasibility study on waterway improvement for port and logistics development - Cambodia

The aim of this project is to implement feasibility study on waterway and port improvement. The overall budget is 5.5million dollars, and the project will be completed during the period of 2014-2017. The project consists of the fellowship program to improve the capacity of Cambodia, suggest waterway and logistics system improvement plan, and publish reports for the plan.

Feasibility Study on the Improvement of the National Road No. 1,2,6, and 7 - Paraguay

This project was funded by KOICA responsible for Korea’s foreign aids as a part of the economic cooperative project with Paraguay from 2012 to 2014. The purpose of this project is to perform a feasibility study on the national road 1. 6 connecting the capital city Asuncion, large eastern city Ciudad del Este and southern large city Encarnacion in a triangular form, ultimately encouraging the national development through the improvement of roads. Also, the expansion of some sections to a 4-lane road and improvement of existing road will shorten the transit time and strengthen the competitiveness in logistics, which is further led to the development of national economy and balance development between the regions. Through this support, the technical level of road design and construction sectors of Paraguay will be upgraded. The safety of drivers will be ensured, and a cooperative relationship between two countries will be enhanced through resolving the national challenges and issues. Finally, the general purpose is to promote sustainable economic and social development among developing countries such as Paraguay. The main task of this contract is the research and technical design including a feasibility study, provision of necessary office equipment, plan establishment of public propaganda plan (video record), local workshop and invitation of Paraguay engineers to Korea for road project visits and engineering related training.

Puerto Princesa Airport Development – Philippines

The development of Puerto Princesa Airport is consistent with the PhilippineDevelopment Plan (2011-2016), i.e. provide dependable transport access to major and strategic tourism destinations. The Project aims to improve the existing airport facilities by expanding its capacity for increased air travel demand and enhance aviation operation and safety standards by upgrading airport facilities to comply with International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) standards. The improvement of the Puerto Princesa Airport is expected to revitalize the transport and trade linkages under the Brunei Darussalam, Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines-East ASEAN Growth Area (BIMP-EAGA).

Construction of the New International Passenger Terminal (Tashkent-4) at the Tashkent Airport - Uzbekistan

Korea approved the financial assistance package for construction of the New International Passenger Terminal, in which the EDCF(US$200mil), export financing, and UFRD are linked to one another in December 2016. The project objective is to improve saturation condition of the current terminals and improve airport facilities to respond to increase in the number of airport users in the future. This project will contribute to the reduction in delay time for passengers, increase in the number of international flight passengers and economic development through the improvement of air transportation infrastructure in Uzbekistan.