Physical trade infrastructure - Italy

Physical trade infrastructure - Italy

Information dated: 2017

Trade-related initiatives in Afghanistan

  • REMABAR II PROJECT - Road rehabilitation programme (Kabul – Bamyan) (63,5 million Euro)
  • Support to National Rural Access Program (NRAP) (3,97 million Euro)
  • Supporting the Afghan National Development strategy in the Infrastructure Sector (SANDSIS ) - Contribution to the “National and Regional Resource Corridors” (1,8 million Euro)
  • Development of rural road network in West Region – Herat Bypass (24,6 million Euro) - Afghanistan
  • Urgent Measures to Upgrade the Herat Airport to ICAO Standards - total amount 30,8  million Euro (soft loan and grant)
  • Rehabilitation of the East-West Corridor from Herat to Chisht-i Sharif (REWCOR) - total amount 94,3 million euros (soft loan and grant)


All the above initiatives in Afghanistan aim at promoting the development of national Afghan transport infrastructure, including regional and trans-border infrastructure, to support economic development, better access to markets and human well-being.

  • Project facility for infrastructure feasibility studies, Albania
  • Training to the personnel of the big harbor of Al Faw, Iraq
  • Rehabilitation of infrastructures of harbor and roads of Bosasso in the State of Puntland, Somalia (Multilateral financing to UN-Habitat)