Other trade-related activities - ILO

Other trade-related activities - ILO

Information dated: 2017

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Local economic development (LED)

A project titled “Voices of Heritage” aims to boost the local economy of the Laikipia Maasai community in Kenya as a means to create employment and reduce poverty. Through a territorial diagnosis and market assessment, opportunities are identified for Maasai products in local and export markets. Development strategies are then formulated, and support is provided to build supply capacity through business development services, technical training institutions and local associations. Technical assistance is also provided to enable the Maasai to protect their cultural heritage and intellectual property rights.

The project is designed to address issues of poverty, unemployment, low level of market development, and the misappropriation of intellectual property rights by third parties through the use of Maasai culture for marketing and tourism purposes with no revenues flowing to the community.

The project, which is part of a larger programme on local economic development, involves cooperation between the Maasai Cultural Heritage Foundation (MCH) in Kenya, WIPO and the ILO.