Market and Trade Information - United States of America

Market and Trade Information - United States of America

Information dated: 2015
Trade and Investment Support Project – Guyana (GTIS)

GTIS is a joint project of the Government of Guyana and the U.S. Government, which provides support to enterprises, private sector organizations and government institutions to identify new markets for Guyanese products and increase exports to regional and international markets. The project, funded by USAID, follows a market-led strategy, identifying global demands and then seeking to fulfill them according to the resources available in Guyana. GTIS works to support initiatives that address performance, capability and policy gaps that affect firms’ abilities to compete in regional and international export markets. This includes:

(i) partnering with international investors/buyers and pioneering domestic firms to access markets, transferring technical know-how, and increasing private sector production and processing capacity;

(ii) providing technical support for firms to meet basic market requirements and achieve international certifications;

(iii) supporting membership in industry associations and participation in international trade shows to gather market intelligence and network with potential buyers and investors. More specifically, GTIS works closely with the National Competitiveness Council (NCC) to improve Guyana’s global competitiveness across four sectors: non-traditional agriculture, aquaculture, forestry and ecotourism. From FYs 2007-2011 USAID has invested almost US$10 Million on this project.