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Market and trade information - UNCTAD

Information dated: 2017

Trade Analysis Branch

Division on international trade in goods and services, and commodities - UNCTAD 

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Trade analysis and research

The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development recognizes that international trade plays a fundamental role in promoting sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, creating jobs, raising incomes and enhancing the welfare of peoples. Harnessing trade for sustainable development requires a better understanding of trade, trade policy, and international trading system. UNCTAD supports developing countries in this area by monitoring trade in goods, conducting research and analysis on trade policy and regulations e.g. tariffs and non-tariff measures, and building the analytical capacity of policymakers, trade negotiators, and researchers.

For more information: http://unctad.org/en/Pages/DITC/Trade-Analysis.aspx

Trade Regulations and Non-Tariff Measures (NTMs)

NTMs are policy measures, other than ordinary customs tariffs, that can potentially have an economic effect on international trade in goods, changing quantities traded, or prices or both. Many NTMs have primarily non-trade objectives such as the protection of public health or the environment while affecting trade de facto through procedural requirements. These non-tariff measures (NTMs) represent a challenge for exporters, importers and policy makers. UNCTAD enhances the transparency and understanding of NTMs. An NTMs classification has been developed jointly with partners, including UNIDO, and adopted by other international, regional and national agencies. UNCTAD coordinates and conducts NTMs data collection conducts research and provides support to policy makers. In the Regional Non-Tariff Measures Integration Review regions are supported in their deep economic regional integration efforts through thorough analysis of all trade regulations and quantifying the benefits of integration.

For more information: http://unctad.org/en/Pages/DITC/Trade-Analysis/Non-Tariff-Measures.aspx

Trade Analysis and Information System (TRAINS)

TRAINS is an information system intended to increase transparency in international trading conditions. More specifically, it is intended for government officials and researchers by providing them with comprehensive, up-to-date information on market access conditions. The database includes applied tariffs, most-favored nation, and preferential tariffs, as well as trade data and non-tariff measures. It is the world largest and most comprehensive database on NTMs.

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The World Integrated Trade Solution (WITS)

The WITS software has been developed for dissemination purposes. It is a web-based software which has been developed jointly with the World Bank. Free and unlimited access to TRAINS data is provided to UN member governments as well as other interested users through WITS. The WITS also provides analytical tools to assess the effect of tariff changes on imports, tariff revenue, etc. It provides access to trade data including country profiles.

For more information: http://wits.worldbank.org/