Market and trade information - ITC

Market and trade information - ITC

Information dated: 2017

Ms. Aicha Pouye

Director, Division of Market Development

Tel: +41 22 730 0310

Email: pouye [at] intracen.org ()

ITC’s market analysis tools are freely accessible: http://www.intracen.org/itc/market-info-tools/

Trade Intelligence

Access to reliable trade intelligence is key to assisting developing countries to foster an inclusive and sustainable economy. ITC’s approach is to provide timely, reliable and compelling intelligence that will enable its beneficiaries, including SMEs, TISIs and trade policymakers, to take actionable decisions and create positive impact.

ITC’s market analysis tools are global public goods. They are available free of charge to all users, bringing transparency in trade information and transforming raw data into intelligence through a range of powerful indicators and options. In addition, ITC delivers capacity-building services in market analysis and research to policymakers, TISIs, and SMEs, ensuring that they are fully proficient to train or advise others. ITC has almost two decades of experience in collecting and disseminating trade intelligence that can be designed according to each organization’s specific needs:

  • Trade Map, Market Access Map, Investment Map and Procurement Map include intelligence on trade flows, market dynamism, tariffs, market access conditions, potential buyers, foreign direct investment and public tenders.
  • The Export Potential Map is an interactive tool based on ITC’s Export Potential and Diversification Assessment methodology. It helps policy-makers spot products, markets and suppliers with untapped export potential as well as opportunities for export diversification.
  • The Regional and National Trade Helpdesk: seeks to provide accurate responses and innovative solutions to submitted enquiries and further boost transparency and cooperation in trade. The helpdesk is built on ITC’s expertise in data treatment and its expanding network. the helpdesk
  • The Standards Map: provides data on 230 voluntary sustainability standards, covering 60 product groups and over 180 countries.
  • TISI trade intelligence platforms: help enhance the capabilities of TISIs to develop accessible information services tailored to clients’ needs.