Market and Trade Information - Australia

Market and Trade Information - Australia

Information dated: 2017
Agriculture Value Chain Collaborative Research

The Agricultural Value Chain (AVC) Collaborative Research initiative aims to deliver significant and equitable benefits to the rural poor, particularly women living in Punjab and Sindh through functional improvements in targeted AVCs. The focus is on: Collaborative Research; Poor Farmer/Land Holder Adoption of Improvement Management Practices; Private Sector Adoption of Improved Value Chain Practices; and Delivery of Research. Four collaborative AVC research projects focus on dairy/dairy Meat; goat meat; pulses; and high value vegetables (onions, chillies and tomatoes). These AVCs have been purposefully selected for their capacity to alleviate poverty and engender inclusive growth. The investment is also consistent with the priority areas or “pillars” outlined in the Strategic Framework for Australia’s Aid Investments in the Agriculture, Fisheries and Water Sectors. This framework prioritises engagements that strengthen markets; improve productivity; sustain resource use; and promote effective policy, governance and reform, research being an important delivery element in all of these.

Market Development Facility

The Market Development Facility (MDF) supports pro-poor market system development in a range of sectors, e.g. agriculture, financial services and transport. Funding covers the design and implementation of country-specific market development programs in Fiji, East Timor and Solomon Islands.