Market and Trade Information - Argentina

Market and Trade Information - Argentina

Information dated: 2017
Training to improve Bovine Milk Production - Argentina / Indonesia

The project helps to experience and better practices sharing in livestock production for further development in Indonesia.

Strengthening the Pharmacopoeias of Brazil and Argentina and their National Control Laboratories to establish a Regional Pharmacopoeia – Argentina / Brasil

A joint program between the Brazilian Pharmacopoeia and the Argentine Pharmacopoeia is directed to developing Chemical Reference Substances and reduce the dependency on reference substances of other pharmacopeias. Through the support, it aims at assuring quality control of medicines, and safe and effective medicines.

Exchange of research, teaching and learning experience in bioconservation strategies to improve sanitary quality and availability of meat and meat products – Argentina / Mexico

FES Cuautitlán-UNAM and CERELA-CONICET, Argentina focus on bioconservation strategies in their joint programs of training of professors, researchers, undergraduate and graduate students. Through sessions exchange of research techniques, research activities, teaching, and learning methodologies are organized, and the application of lactic bacteria to improve the sanitary quality and safety of the meat are being discussed.