Legal and Regulatory Framework - France

Legal and Regulatory Framework - France

Information dated: 2017
Assistance to the development of an Institutional, Legal and Regulatory Framework for Public-Privates Partnerships (PPPs) - Djibouti

The first stage of the project consisted of assisting the local institutions in designing a legal, institutional and regulatory framework for PPPs. The second stage of the project will include the implementation of the legal framework by the creation and operationalization of a PPP unit. This project aims to strengthen the public infrastructures, the public services and, more broadly, the country economy by permitting to the local public institutions to contract with the private sector under a clear legal framework. The AFD and the French Directorate General of the Treasury jointly finance this project.

France – World Bank Initiative to promote Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) in the African franc-Zone countries

Following the appeal for international assistance launched by the franc-zone’s ministers of finances in 2012, the French Directorate General of the Treasury and World Bank Group jointly proposed an Initiative aiming to bring their support for the establishment of a legal and institutional framework for PPPs, at both national and regional levels. In addition, the project includes a technical, legal and financial support in selecting and developing priority infrastructures projects and training activities.

For France, the Directorate General of the Treasury commissioned the AFD and Expertise France to implement the project. For the World Bank, the Cross-Cutting Solution Area leads the Initiative, and the Public-Private Infrastructure Advisory Facility (PPIAF) is actively involved.

By the end of the year 2017, the UEMOA Commission will adopt the PPP Directive for which the France – World Bank Initiative provided a legal and technical support.