Global Advocacy - UN ECLAC

Global Advocacy - UN ECLAC

Information dated: 2017

Mario Cimoli

Officer in Charge of the International Trade and Integration Division

Tel: +56 2 210 2235

E-mail: Mario.Cimoli [at] cepal.org

Global Advocacy

The Division of International Trade and Integration encourages countries to use trade as a tool for development, inclusive growth and increased global competitiveness. In this context, the Division is involved in the distribution and dissemination of research and advice on macroeconomics, globalization, industrial policy and competitiveness, regional and global value chains, trade negotiations, trade in services, sustainable development, and trade relations with Asia-Pacific, China and India. Additionally, the Division of International Trade and Integration plays a key role in supporting the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in the region that relate to trade. Collectively, these efforts are intended to advise ECLAC member states on global trends and how to best adapt and respond to them. The activities undertaken so far in 2016-2017 include:

Seminars: (1) The Transpacific Partnership Agreement: Impacts for Latin America and the Caribbean; and (2) Services and Technology: Internationalization, Trends, Challenges and Opportunities for Latin America.

Relevant publications include: (1) Economic relations between Latin America and the Caribbean and China: Opportunities and Challenges; (2) Crisis and debate on globalization in Europe and the United States; and (3) Exploring cooperation between Korean and CELAC in the areas of innovation and SME internationalization strategies.