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Global Advocacy - IDB

Information dated: 2017

Antoni Estevadeordal


Integration and Trade Sector

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Capacity building is crucial for creating and sustaining a long-term and multi-sector critical mass of national expertise on regional and global integration. The challenge is to expand the reach to the new issues of the integration and trade agenda and be more proactive in the inclusion of a wider range of stakeholders, including the private sector and sub-national entities.

Inter-institutional cooperation on trade and integration

At the international level, the IDB, through its Integration and Trade Sector, collaborates with international organizations such as the OECD, the International Chamber of Commerce, the United Nations, the World Bank, the WCO, the WTO, and other Regional Development Banks, such as the ADB, in areas related to trade and development, including aid for trade, customs and trade facilitation, trade agreements, etc., in order to analyze problems and solutions which will contribute to enhancing trade and integration and will support capacity building. The IDB took a leading role in the LAC region in matters concerning the implementation of the Global Initiative on Aid for Trade, in close coordination with the OECD, the WTO, and other regional and sub-regional organizations. Resources of the AfT and RIIF are now depleted, after jointly approving 51 projects totaling US$34 million. Building on these funds’ successful achievements, in 2016 the IDB merged AfT and RIIF topics into the new Multi-Donor Regional Integration Fund (RIF).

Regional Policy Dialogue on Trade and Integration

As part of the IDB Regional Policy Dialogue Program, the Trade and Integration Network provides high-level LAC policy makers responsible for global and regional integration policies with the opportunity to discuss policies and initiatives by exchanging ideas and best practices, analyzing common problems, and exploring the policy implications of research findings.

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