Global Advocacy - CDB

Global Advocacy - CDB

Information dated: 2015

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DB hosts a variety of seminars, conferences, forums and symposia on matters of interest to the Caribbean Region. In 2012, together with the World Bank and the IDB, the Bank hosted a series of conferences on economic growth, due to the substantial challenges facing its borrowing member countries (BMCs) in this policy area. In 2010, the Bank hosted a regional conference on growth and development. Subsequently, the Bank published the conference presentations in a book entitled “Growth and Development Strategies for the Caribbean”. In 2012, the Bank also published a book entitled “Debt Sustainability in the Caribbean” which provides a comprehensive review of public sector debt in the Caribbean. Within the Caribbean Region, fiscal and debt unsustainability is a another major economic challenge. The Bank in this policy area has responded by the provision of policy-based loans in support of fiscal consolidation in its BMCs. These activities and events indicate the Bank’s strategy of fostering extensive dialogue and consultations with its BMCs, many development partners and stakeholders on critical policy issues many of which have substantial global components.

In the social sector, the Bank, through its focus on poverty reduction, is assisting its borrowing member countries to attain by 2015 the Millenium Development Goals which were established by the United Nations.