Gender Mainstreaming, Employment and Youth - Mexico

Gender Mainstreaming, Employment and Youth - Mexico

Information dated: 2017
The empowerment of women and youth

Promoting an inclusive society is an axis of the 2013-2018 Mexican National Development Plan. AMEXCID aligns all of its cooperation with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, which has as its core principle the universal commitment “to leave no one behind.”

Gender mainstreaming and youth are taken into account when drafting cooperation projects and related policies. Accordingly, the Second High-Level Meeting of the Global Partnership for Effective Development Cooperation, co-chaired by Mexico, had as its central topic “the empowerment of women and youth” and included a plenary session dedicated specifically to this subject, titled “Economic Empowerment of Women and Youth: Inclusivity and Mainstreaming for Effective and Accelerated Development.”

Mexico has also developed strategies to reduce the digital gap of women and girls, particularly through the National Digital Strategy which contributes to broadening their personal development and empowerment.

Mexico has participated in the following events:

  • Seminar "Economic Empowerment to break free from domestic violence cycles: exchange best practices US - Mexico" (October 2015) was attended by Representatives of Mexico and United States (US) Government as well as specialists from civil society organizations and agencies of the Federal Government (Justice and Refuge Centers) and the US Embassy in Mexico. The Ministry of Economy, through its subsidy programs such as the Program for Financing Micro entrepreneurs and Rural Women (PRONAFIM) and National Institute of Social Economy (INAES in Spanish), presented their actions focused on "boosting the economic independence of women in situations of violence."

  • Seminar "Women to the Conquest of International Trade" (January 2017) - The event was held in 3 cities of Chile in the framework of the Project "Economic Empowerment: participation of women entrepreneurs in foreign trade". The event was held in 3 cities of Chile in the framework of the Project "Economic Empowerment: participation of women entrepreneurs in foreign trade." The Mexico-Chile Cooperation Fund financed this program, and its objective was to share experiences of Chilean and Mexican entrepreneurs’ women who export and who have been successful, and to encourage those who have not ventured into this area and thus develop the trade abroad both countries.

  • Cooperation Chile – Mexico: Women entrepreneurs (2016-2017) - Since 2016, ProMexico collaborates in this project which is headed by the Secretariat of Economy (SE) in cooperation with the General Directorate of International Economic Relations (DIRECON) of Chile entitled "Economic empowerment: participation of women entrepreneurs in foreign trade." This project is sponsored by the Joint Mexico-Chile Cooperation Fund and has the objective to increase the participation of women entrepreneurs in the foreign trade of both nations. As a first approach, a Directory of Women Entrepreneurs was founded, considering only Women who are owners of a Mexican enterprise. The project’s aim is to involve female entrepreneurs of both countries to generate public policies in favor of the development and implementation of foreign trade programs, promoting gender equality.

  • "Business Opportunities Seminar in North America for Women Entrepreneurs" - ProMexico organized in March 2016 the "Seminar on Business Opportunities in North America for Women Entrepreneurs" in the city of Oaxaca, within the framework of the MUSEIC Women's Entrepreneurship Promotion Subcommittee (Mexico - US Entrepreneurship and Innovation Council). 110 companies led by women of the food, beverage and design industries attended the event and listened to speakers and panelists of high level. Also, business meetings held and specialized consultancy offered to more than 50 Mexican companies.