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Gender mainstreaming, employment and youth - IMO

Information dated: 2017

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The Organization's approach to gender-based programming is founded on the priority objective of increasing access to training and employment for women in the maritime sector of developing countries. In compliance with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), IMO's technical cooperation programme "SDG5: Strengthening the maritime sector" empowers women by promoting their role as a key resource for the maritime infrastructure of developing countries. Gender mainstreaming is enhanced through the IMO network of regional associations for women managers, which, together with their National Chapters, offer a springboard for regional training, provide access to specialized training, promoting economic self-reliance and increase employment opportunities for women at the decision-making levels of the port and maritime sectors.

The multiplier effect of the regional associations is achieved through the work of the National Chapters for women in the maritime sector, which reach out to children through school events and road-shows by demonstrating the opportunities and benefits afforded through maritime careers. In encouraging children and young adults to acquire technical education and training, this practical approach offers a path to employment and careers in the maritime sector for the next generation.