Gender Mainstreaming, Employment and Youth - Belgium

Gender Mainstreaming, Employment and Youth - Belgium

Information dated: 2017
APEFE “Min Ajliki” programme − Morocco

Non-governmental actor APEFE’s current program “Min Ajliki” in Morocco specifically targets potential or active businesswomen. The program aims at improving Moroccan young women’s living conditions by helping them undertaking business activities. The support provided covers various areas such as awareness building of female entrepreneurship, training, specific support, business incubation, and mentorship.

Such a project mainly proves its worth in a country such as Morocco, where only about 10% of entrepreneurs are women. Generally speaking, this initiative positively contributes to women’s overall degree of participation in the active economy.

APEFE’s pilot program in Morocco already reached very positive results: (i) more than 10.000 young women’s awareness was raised; (ii) more than 4 entrepreneurship competitions were organized; (iii) more than 1300 female project holders were trained; (iv) more than 400 businesswomen were accompanied (v)more than 100 businesses were incubated; and (vi) more than 600 partner organizations’ capacities were strengthened. This success resulted in broadening the geographical scope to 6 regions since 2017.