Compliance support infrastructure and services - Sweden

Compliance support infrastructure and services - Sweden

Information dated: 2017
SIS Standardisation in ECOWAS and ARSO

The project aims at strengthening the capacity of the ECOWAS region to influence and make use of the ISO and ARSO systems. Throughout the process, synergies with African regional standardization will be sought. As many of the ECOWAS countries do not presently have much involvement in ISO, it will be an important element for the further capacity building

IFOAM Organic Trade and Value Chain Development in East Africa

While the previous phases of the project focused on developing and establishing the East African Organic Products Standards (EAOPS) and East African Organic Mark (EAOM) and other relevant tools and systems for market development, the focus of the proposed action will be the further development of organic value chains, ensuring regional trade growth in order for East African farmers to benefit from the rapidly growing market for organic products. This will imply a continued support to the various parts of the Organic Guarantee System (standards, mark, certification bodies and PGS) and further efforts in increasing consumer awareness of the benefits of organic products. The intervention will further contribute to the development of policy frameworks supporting organic agricultural development and trade.

Agricultural Market Activity AMA-FARMA II

The goal of the FARMA II project is to increase trade and exports of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) food products with the aim of increasing economic growth and advancing BiH’s accession to the European Union. FARMA II will have two main components and a cross-cutting Small Grant Fund to support the main two objectives. Component 1: The main objective is strengthened agricultural producer organizations (POs) that have adopted EU and international food standards, production techniques, and produce new high-value products and have expanded markets. Component 2: the Main objective is strengthened BiH public sector that fully implements regulations, norms, practices, and rules in the areas of food, veterinary and plant health and safety, accreditation, standardization, and quality certification related to food and agricultural products and meets EU and international best practice requirements.