Compliance support infrastructure and services - Norway

Compliance support infrastructure and services - Norway

Information dated: 2017
UNIDO portfolio

The United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) is mandated to promote and accelerate inclusive and sustainable industrial development in developing countries and economies in transition. Norad is a key contributor to UNIDO, with annual contributions averaging NOK 20 million (approx. USD 2.4 million) over the last few years. Norad’s support is mainly focused on trade capacity building activities, with the aim of helping to develop the private sector in developing countries. This is achieved by funding programmes that help increase the quality infrastructure, helping to ensure the private sector in developing countries comply with the key standards.

Strengthening National Quality Infrastructure for Trade – Myanmar (UNIDO – USD 2.6 million)
The project aims to strengthen and increase the capacity for the provision of internationally recognized laboratory testing services for food exports, and to strengthen the absorption capacity for further intervention and integration into the international quality infrastructure.

Mekong III - TCB for Mekong Delta countries Phase III (UNIDO – USD 1.4 million)
The goal of the project is contribution to the integration of Cambodia and Lao PDR into the multilateral trading system, especially regarding capacity to comply with international market requirements in the areas of SPS and TBT issues to increase exports and strengthen consumer protection.

Trade Capacity Building – Malawi (UNIDO – USD 1.9 million)
The objective of the project is to increase the volume of safe and certified Malawian products that access regional and global markets, in order to reduce poverty in the country. It will achieve this by strengthening the national quality conformity assessment infrastructure and integrating it with the international quality infrastructure.

Trade Capacity Building – Swaziland (UNIDO – USD 1.0 million)
The objective of the project is to reform the Swaziland Standards Authority’s (SWASA) institutional structure and consolidate its operational capacity through decentralization of its activities so that it is aligned with international norms –as well as to bring the modernization of the government regulatory system to ensure good use of the SQAM services that are being developed.

AFRIMETS II (Intra-Africa Metrology System) (UNIDO – USD 0.2 million)
The project strengthens Intra-African Metrology Systems (AFRIMETS) capacity to assist its members, the African Metrology Institutes, and to obtain international recognition of the metrology programmes.