Compliance support infrastructure and services - Korea (Republic of)

Compliance support infrastructure and services - Korea (Republic of)

Information dated: 2017
Improvement of International Competitiveness of National Standardization System – Bolivia

Bolivia has agriculture & livestock farming based industrial structure, and lack of industry due to many reasons such as landlocked position and lacking national standard system. To overcome these limitations and enter the stage of industrial development with the mid- & long-term national development, Bolivian government wants to strengthen national standardization system. For this reason, Korea carried out a two-year project to improve the international competitiveness of national standardization system in Bolivia through KOICA, from 2015-2017 with a budget of US$ 4 million. This project consists of dispatch of experts for strengthening TBT System and IMBETRO operation, training program, equipment provision and training, Management of project performance, etc.

Uzstandard Capacity Building by Leveraging ICT and Establishing Master-plan - Uzbekistan

Over a five-year period (2014-18), Korea plans to provide a total of US$ 7 million to raise Uzbekistan’s technical regulations and standards, conformity assessment at the international level in Uzbekistan. The objective of the project is to increase the effectiveness of management process in the fields of standardization, metrology, certification, and accreditation and to enhance Uzstandard’s overall capacity. The project consists of four components:  i) establishment of the master plan; ii) development and implementation of an integrated system;  iii) provision of IT infrastructure and testing equipment;  iv) capacity strengthening and operation support(dispatch of experts and training program for Uzbekistan officials in Korea). This will contribute to enhance efficient, transparent and responsive operations and services of Uzstandard, improve the efficiency of production and facilitate the conduct of international trade.

Technical Cooperation in International Textile Quality Standard and Textile Testing Quality Assurance – Indonesia

At the request of the Indonesian government for Indonesian Center for textile (CFT) to meet the international standard, Korea funded a US$ 1.5 million project for the Technical Cooperation in International Textile Quality Standard and Testing and Quality Assurance from 2012 to 2014 through KOICA. The objective of the project was to improve the capability and competency of the Center for Textile (CFT) through two agendas: first, to develop CFT’s human resources for improving the quality of service and, secondly, to enhance the performance of the CFT through the provision of the equipment and operations.

To achieve the project objectives, Korea dispatched chemist, textile physician experts, and Project Manager (PM), held short and midterm trainings for the stakeholders who are responsible for the development of testing management in Indonesia and CFT personnel, and, lastly but not least, provided equipment for the CFT.