Compliance support infrastructure and services - Argentina

Compliance support infrastructure and services - Argentina

Information dated: 2017
Evaluation, monitoring and risk reduction planning of radioactive waste – Argentina / Ecuador

Support is given by the Argentine Nuclear Agency to three refineries in Ecuador to develop a plan for environmental evaluation, monitoring and risk reduction. It is expected to achieve radioactive waste reduction in refineries “Esmeralda,” “La Libertad” and “Sushufindi.”

Research and application of storage techniques for harvested agricultural produce – Argentina / Vietnam

The project intends to research and apply technologies to preserve grain agricultural products in silo bags to reduce post-harvest losses and to improve efficiency and profitability for farmers in Vietnam.

Training on research collaboration of RNAi or related techniques on plant biotechnology – Argentina / Vietnam

Training aims at contributing contribute to the National Plan of Science and Technology by encouraging the use of an artificial miRNAs technology transfer in agriculture.

Training in the use of RNAI and associated techniques in Plant Biotechnology – Argentina / Tailandia

Training aims at contributing to the National Plan of Science and Technology in Biotechnology through the use of RNAI and plant biotechnology techniques in agriculture.

Improvement of livestock production in Laos – Argentina / Laos

The project intends to improve milk production, productivity and quality as well as agro-industrial processing in the central region of the Country.

Strengthening analytical capacities in sanitary and phytosanitary measures (SPS Plant quarantine) - Argentina / Cambodia

The result expected is to build technical capacities for the management of phytosanitary measures in accordance with international Standards.

Development of a food for mass consumption with oil rich in microencapsulated omega-3 – Argentina / Chile

The result expected is the obtainment of a functional food of massive consumption containing omega-3, and Nano-encapsulated fatty acids, through a comparative study of the in vitro gastric and intestinal availability of incorporated omega-3 acids to evaluate their release in the organism.

Technical development and dissemination of good cattle practices – Argentina / Ecuador

The program aims to install and manage a genetic development center, research, and spread of knowledge in the use of artificial insemination, embryo transfer, management and good livestock practices.

Development of wind power generation – Argentina / Guatemala

The goal of the project is to motivate the interest of teachers and researchers, as well as engineering students to offer an alternative to the experimental context related to clean and renewable energy to Guatemala.

Development of agglomerate boards based on sugarcane bagasse and soy protein – Argentina / Cuba

Development of composite materials from the use of a sustainable adhesive incorporating soy protein concentrate to replace the urea formaldehyde resin in the pressing of non-structural panels and sugar cane bagasse for partial replacement of sawdust.